Cogora handbooks are an effective way to communicate educational or product-centred messaging, through the creation of a visually appealing A5 handbook, written and designed by Cogora: The Agency.

Cogora Handbooks

The handbook is introduced by a foreword from a KOL,  who holds the same role as your target audience, to add an element of authenticity and relatability for your reader. We work with the KOL to ensure their foreword sets the scene of the treatment landscape and introduces the unmet need.

Cogora has an extensive database of trusted experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who know and trust us. We can then access this database to help select the right KOL for your project.  

We walk our readers through an introduction to your therapy area, product information and key clinical trials, product safety information, the disease burden and importance of treatment, and guidance on using the product. We introduce an ideal patient profile at the beginning of the handbook, which is then revisited at the end to tie it all together.

  • Understand the client’s key messages for their product
  • Convey the unmet need and how the product fills this
  • Communicate complex data from clinical trials in an engaging and digestible way
  • Emphasise the disease burden and the impact of suboptimal treatment
  • Provide clear and concise guidance for the therapy area and where the client’s product fits

We produce a handbook with concise and relevant information, for clinicians to keep in the top drawer of their desks. These are designed into a visually appealing A5 handbook by our in-house Design team.

With direct access to global communities of engaged healthcare professionals, we can tailor the information provided to each market, to ensure clinicians have all the ‘need to knows’ on the therapy area and the product. Handbooks can then be distributed via print to our audiences of healthcare professionals, including via our market leading publications, Pulse magazine, the PCN supplement and Nursing in Practice magazine. Copies can also be ordered for your field team.  

Please contact us to discuss Cogora handbook sponsorship opportunities.