Continuing Medical Education (CME) is of consequence for all healthcare professionals but is especially important for physicians, many of whom are required to accumulate a set number of credits each year. In some countries, this is even a legal requirement – but it’s not just the formalities that make CME so important: professional development is more often fuelled by a personal desire amongst physicians.
But even if the desire to learn is palpable, finding the time to fit in extra learning is a significant barrier to participation.(1) Therefore, method of delivery and an engaging format is as important as the education itself. At PCM Scientific (PCMS), we pride ourselves in combining scientific rigour with creative educational design to develop innovative and ground-breaking programmes in European and global CME. But what’s in it for Pharma? Today, more than ever, CME stakeholders are growing increasingly interested in (and demanding) measurable outcomes – not only does this add credibility to a given intervention but this is one of the unique aspects of CME. At PCMS, we believe we are at the forefront of achieving measurable change in Europe and beyond. Indeed, as a founding member of the Good CME Practice Group, we not only believe that raising standards in the provision of CME is the right thing to do, but we can boast proven measurable practice change amongst physicians who have undertaken our programmes. (2) Running a number of successful events and workshops, outreach-style roundtable meetings and online programmes over the years has resulted in some notable practice-change successes. For example, 87% of delegates attending our flagship IOTOD event in opioid dependence committed to making a change in their clinical practice; one year on, at least 70% had made those changes. Similarly, 100% of respondents attending roundtable meetings in a global addictions programme reported changing their practice, noting positive changes in their patient-physician relationship, and their patients’ compliance and quality of life. And it’s not just live events that have the potential to change practice: in 2013, a major online EU initiative was cited as helping to drive major national policy changes to broaden access to treatment in Poland and Portugal. For more information about PCMS and the importance of CME, take a look at our website here.


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