The Pharmacist’s latest issue saw the launch of the brand’s campaign to increase transparency around stock shortages, which have lost pharmacists thousands over the past months and pose a real risk to patient safety.

Reporter Léa Legraien spoke to four pharmacy owners about how shortages are affecting their businesses and, more importantly, their patients.

The issue also included an analysis of Government proposals to merge all existing health regulators into one ‘super regulator’. What would this all-powerful body mean for pharmacists, and would cutting down on regulators really result in reduced bureaucracy as the Government suggests. We investigated with the help of legal and health regulation experts.

The sector is moving towards an increasingly service-led model, and so also included was a masterclass in how to set up, market and carry out an allergy testing service in your pharmacy, and clinical articles on advising on colic and setting up an allergy testing service in your pharmacy.