The latest issue of The Pharmacist magazine unveils the shocking results of Cogora’s State of Primary Care Concerns 2018 survey, which revealed the widespread concern from community pharmacists that Brexit will worsen the medicines shortage chaos.

The State of Primary Care Concerns 2018 survey also showed how the pressures of community pharmacy have led to widespread discontent, with a high proportion of pharmacists looking to leave the profession. This worrying trend is explored in this issue’s cover feature, which also asks what can be done to make the situation better.

This issue also covers how pharmacists can help children with allergies - an already large and ever-growing patient group. Featuring all the clinical know-how pharmacies need to treat the problem, the articles also cover how one pharmacy has managed to run a successful allergy-testing service.

Finally, the issue covers pertinent issues affecting community pharmacists at the moment, including the potential effects of plans to introduce pharmacy apprenticeships. There is also an article explaining how pharmacist will fit into Primary Care Networks, which the Government has earmarked as one of the linchpins of its strategy for primary care.