A Pharmacy First zone has launched on The Pharmacist, specifically focused on new Pharmacy First services in pharmacies.

The launch of the Pharmacy First scheme in England this year has been a significant development for patient services, and represents a huge commitment by pharmacy teams.

Community pharmacies can sign up to offer advice and treatment, where merited, around seven common clinical conditions, guided by new national clinical protocols. These are conditions where the patient would have otherwise needed an appointment at a GP practice.

The Pharmacist’s new Pharmacy First zone will bring together ongoing news and clinical content, supporting pharmacy teams to deliver the new services, plus highlighting the useful content we have already produced as the service was being developed.

New articles will be promoted on The Pharmacist’s newsletters and social media, and will be available through our app.

Thousands of consultations have already been delivered by pharmacists in the first few weeks of the service, and a public awareness campaign has been launched by the NHS.

The clinical conditions are: sinusitis, sore throat, acute otitis media, infected insect bite, impetigo, shingles, uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women.

Many other pharmacy-led clinical services are discussed in The Pharmacist’s Clinical zones, from respiratory, to immunisation, menopause, contraception and hypertension, alongside over 200 clinical case studies that highlight the work of pharmacists who have pioneered privately-led services in their local communities and developed the clinical expertise of their teams.

Scotland’s NHS Pharmacy First Scotland service and Wales’ Common Ailments Service also empower pharmacies to offer treatment and advice on a wide range of minor illnesses.

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