This month, Pulse gets Dickensian, with health secretary Matt Hancock cast as the ghost of general practice future. We ask what the £3.5bn for primary and community care will do for GPs, and what the next ten years will hold for general practice.

Pulse's review of the year looks at the year in general practice, and we hand out our annual awards to those who have tried (and usually failed) to make general practice great again.

Clinical key questions this month focuses on familial hypercholesterolaemia, while we also have a five-minute refresher on osteoarthritis and the how to spot zebras series is on diabetes insipidus.

And Copperfield puts his best ‘bah humbug’ face on at the stream of alerts reminding GPs how incompetent they are, while BSME columnist of the year nominated Dr Shaba Nabi pens her ode to St Matt and his ‘appy new year.