This month, Pulse looks at the symptoms checkers available to patients and asks whether these apps are safe for patients, and whether they increase workload for GPs. Our expert panel tested four apps, finding there were safety issues, while patients were triaged to GPs urgently in almost every situation.

We also announce our Power 50 – the 50 most influential GPs in the country – as well as our grassroots GPs of the year, and rising stars. We have an exclusive interview with our number one, Professor Martin Marshall, the chair-elect of the RCGP – his first since winning the nomination. For those GPs who aren’t a fan of the list, columnist Dr Pete Deveson lists the reasons he hates the Power 50.

Our mythbuster looks at the received wisdom around young GPs, such as the beliefs that they work part-time in routine general practice, want to retire earlier than older GPs and never want to be partners. Using a survey of 900 GPs, we dispel these myths and show that their career aspirations are little different to older generations.

Meanwhile, the clinical section includes a CPD article covering key questions on constipation, an article on how to manage a patient with ongoing chronic pelvic pain and a reference guide for travel vaccinations.