Conscious of social distancing considerations and the busy schedule of our healthcare professional speakers due to Covid-19, this year the Primary Care Respiratory Academy (PCRA) webinar series was held digitally as a series of eight interactive and educational webinars: six clinical and two quality improvement webinars.


The Clinical Webinar Series kicked-off with two webinars focused on asthma. Steve Holmes and Ren Lawlor were joined by nurse practitioner Carol Stonham to discuss the diagnosis, management and real-world challenges of asthma. Over 500 HCPs tuned in live to each of the webinars.

The webinar series are set to continue weekly until the end of June, so there are plenty of opportunities to tune in if you have not already:

  • 27 May – Diagnosis and management of COPD
  • 9 June – Real-world practice: moving forward after a COPD diagnosis
  • 24 June – This doesn’t quite fit with asthma or COPD. What else should I be considering?
  • 30 June – Return to Normality: recovery from infections and exacerbations

Guest speakers for the remaining Clinical webinars include practice pharmacist Dominika Froehlich-Jeziorek and Dr Fiona Mosgrove. Registration is still open.

The Quality Improvement Webinars started with an interactive discussion on ‘Lessons from COVID-19’ with Drs Daryl Freeman, Sanjeev Rana, and Charlie Sharp. Topics of discussion included ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 vs. post-COVID-19 syndrome, the value of a holistic care approach, real-world practice implications and lessons learnt from the pandemic. The roundtable discussion brought up some key points and concerns, expressed by both commissioners and HCPs, on how the system will be able to manage long-COVID patients in primary care.

The second Quality Improvement Webinar features Drs Daryl Freeman and Sanjeev Rana who will be joined by Dr Vincent Mak to discuss COPD & Asthma Management. Register for the webinar scheduled for 17 June.