Speaking to healthcare professionals each day, it seems that many are not yet aware that a Sustainability and Transformation Plan is steaming towards them with major proposals about where they fit in a model health economy and what their role should look like. Designed to finally capture the essence of true ‘place-based commissioning’ and meet local population needs, STPs are hailed as the elusive answer to an underfunded, under-resourced NHS.

But STPs don’t make for light bedtime reading. As with all official publications, you have to filter through the management speak and infographics to identify what changes might be on the horizon. If you do make it through all 40+ pages, the financial efficiencies, consolidations and cuts needed to deliver such huge re-writing of services may give you sleepless nights.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. STPs are a real opportunity for clinicians and innovators to put in place something which could address the frustrations created from current systems which are not fit for purpose. There are plenty of case studies across the UK which have shown fantastic results across a small footprint. By bringing together providers on a larger scale and creating shared, accountable goals, could this be the driver needed to fund and scale up the shining stars of the last few years? Will the evidence and lessons from these pilots, vanguards and initiatives shape the delivery of STPs?

In 2013, The Commissioning Review and sister events, Commissioning LIVE were established to expose and support the switch from PCTs to CCGs. For just over 3 years, we have followed the push for integration of health and social care, collaboration of primary and secondary services, establishment of federations, various local and enhanced services, devolution and co-commissioning. Now, as STPs emerge as the new kid on the block driving the direction of travel for at least the near future, we are adapting to explore this critical area. Commissioning LIVE London will hope to shed some light on the future under STPs and what it means for each area of the health sector. It will allow attendees to address some of the burning questions arising from their area as well as showcasing case studies which could offer solutions to successfully delivering priorities.

If you would like to exhibit at Commissioning LIVE we have a range of packages that we can offer you. Please call Kyle Wright, Business Development Manager, on 020 7214 0525, or email on [email protected].