With a new publisher and a new team behind it, The Pharmacist has relaunched and we're promising to be the new voice of independent pharmacists.
We're not guaranteeing a revolution, but we hope to represent your views, help fight your corner and present the strongest possible case for pharmacy to receive the recognition it deserves. We want to start a positive debate about the future of pharmacy and provide leadership at a time of crisis. In the latest issue we look at the next steps for pharmacy owners to overcome the impending pharmacy cuts and editor Gemma Collins speaks to Sandra Gidley, chair of the RPS English Pharmacy Board about pharmacists' battle with GPs and how the profession may need to change its focus to survive. We also examine the future of 3D printing, what's involved in undertaking a pharmacy refit, how pharmacy can broaden their clinical services and the value of a chlamydia service. Read the latest issue online.

The Pharmacists cover illustration