Clinical commissioners now have access to a directory of services set up to support their work.

Mapping the market: commissioning support services, is a report carried out by Cogora with the support of NHS England. This was published by the research arm of Cogora, The Commissioning Review.

Thirty in-depth interviews were carried out with the managing directors of the commissioning support units (CSUs) and health leads of independent sector companies such as Atos, Capita and KPMG to obtain a picture of the services available to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

Cogora, questioned these leaders about their structures, what services they provide, their views on the current challenges and opportunities as well as their collaborations with other organisations.

This soft intelligence report serves as the second part of a comprehensive directory for CCGs to find the right blend of support services for their commissioning needs.

Editor in chief Victoria Vaughan said: “Clinicians need top class support to be able to deliver their vision of care for their population.

“We believe this will serve as a comprehensive guide to allow clinical leaders navigate the complex commissioning support market and help them make the best decision for patients.”

To read the report in full, click here.