Pulse is the most-read GP news brand across print and online, an independent readership survey has found. The survey of over 900 GPs from across the UK found that nearly 60% of GPs interact with the brand, whether in print, digital or online each month. The print edition of Pulse was once again the most-read print magazine among UK GPs. Some 46% of GPs reported they read Pulse in the last issue period (Average Issue Readership), compared with 40% for BMJ and 26% for the British Journal of General Practice. And due to rising online usage, this rose to 58% of all GPs reporting reading Pulse on some platform, within its publishing interval. This compares with 57% for BMJ and 31% for the BJGP. The National Medical Readership Survey (NMRS) was conducted by independent research experts at Think Media Consultancy and included responses from 923 GPs. The NMRS is commissioned each year by JICMARS (Joint Industry Committee of Medical Advertisers for Readership Surveys), a group of healthcare publishers and media buyer representatives. The data are weighted to the estimated universe of all GPs based on counts provided by Binleys, the independent healthcare data provider which provides the sample frame for the survey. Pulse has been the most-read GP magazine in the UK since 2013, as recorded by the NMRS. Publications included in the survey were: BMA News, BMJ, Prescriber, British Journal of General Practice, GM, Guidelines in Practice, The Practitioner, Pulse, Guidelines and MIMS. Pulse is published by Cogora Ltd.