Pulse Today, the news and clinical information website for General Practitioners, has 'gone live' with a new, mobile-responsive look and easy-to-use navigation. Since its launch at the end of September, it has racked up 370, 000 page views. The site still boasts all the favourites, such as breaking news, in-depth analysis and our stable of bloggers, including Copperfield, Nabi and the surreal Through The K Hole. But the Pulse team has also introduced a 'hot topics' menu, so that GPs can find out the latest on the stories that everyone is talking about, as well as a 'tea break' section collecting together the best short-form content. And now that Pulse Today is mobile-responsive, GP users can effortlessly read, comment on and share all online content when away from their desks. Commenting on the upgrade, Cogora Managing Director Alex Beaumont, said: "The new site will allow our users to engage with Pulse on a deeper, more frequent basis." "Not only are we already seeing a spike in page views, but the number of comments are way up, while the average time spent on site is also increasing." "So now that all ads can be served in a mobile-optimised format, Pulse Today has just become an even stronger proposition for advertisers."