The June issue of Pulse, The abuse epidemic, focuses on the growing levels of abuse faced by GP practices and their staff.

The abuse epidemic

The cover feature, The abuse epidemic, looks at data received from police forces that show violent crime, harassment and racially motivated abuse increasing since pre-pandemic. And we speak to a number of GPs and practice staff about their own experiences, and how the abuse they have faced has led to them changing the way they practise.

We also provide a deep analysis of NHS England’s GP Recovery Plan, looking at the stipulations around access, workforce and pharmacists providing more items without the need of a GP prescription.

Alongside this, we scrutinise Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson’s ‘seven point plan’ for general practice, and feature some of the best entries we received for our Writing Competition.

In our clinical section, we have key questions on kidney disease, we look at diabetes in pregnancy, a clinical clanger around blood pressure and a great new feature where we invite readers to consider pathology involved in works of art, starting with the most famous, the Mona Lisa.