A Cogora investigation into GP prescribing of statins has hit the national news, including a front-page story in The Times newspaper. The story came from an analysis of primary care prescribing data produced by the market research division of Cogora, and analysed by journalists at Pulse magazine. The data showed that a major change in NICE guidelines in 2014 halving the threshold for statin treatment to prevent heart disease and strokes has had little effect, with only a 2% increase in statin use this year, compared with the previous year. This compared with a 3% increase the previous year and 4% the year before, with the number of statins prescribed per 1, 000 patients on GP lists rising by just 0.9% since last year. For the full investigation click here.  Find out more about Cogora's market research division by contacting Ellen Murphy on 0207 214 0567 or [email protected].