An exclusive Pulse story, revealing that almost 3,000 GPs have claimed their pension before the age of 60 since April 2013, has been covered in the nationals. 

According to statistics obtained from NHS Business Services Authority and analysed by Pulse, the average age of those drawing their pensions for the first time has dropped, from 60.4 years in 2011/12 to 58.5 years in 2016/17.

These new figures strike a further blow to the Government’s target of increasing the GP workforce by 5,000 by 2020 – which is already in grave doubt after official figures last year revealed a net loss of 1,200 GPs between September 2016 and September 2017.

Pulse’s figures reveal that there is a trend to more younger GPs claiming their pensions - 721 GPs drew their pension before the age of 60 in 2016/17 compared with 513 in 2011/12.

GP leaders say that early retirees are leaving the profession 'on its knees'.

The story has been covered in The Telegraph, The Sun and Daily Mail.