Pulse is now the most widely read non-reference journal among GPs, with a higher readership than the BMJ and the British Journal of General Practice, according to the recently released GP Media Survey (GPMS 2021).

Pulse most widely-read non-reference journal among GPs

There was an average issue readership of 35% of GPs for Pulse over the past 12 months, the survey of GPs revealed. This compares with scores of 29% for the BMJ and 19% for the British Journal of General Practice.

The 2020 version of the survey showed that the BMJ was slightly ahead on average issue readership, with 29% to 28% for Pulse, but the past year has seen Pulse streak ahead.

The research also showed an 8% increase in brand reach for Pulse and 21% increase in website use over the past 12 months.

The NMRS is commissioned each year by JICMARS (Joint Industry Committee of Medical Advertisers for Readership Surveys), a group of healthcare publishers and media buyer representatives.

The 2021 annual report, published this week, is based on 12 months of fieldwork using a sample of 528 GPs. The data are weighted to the estimated universe of all GPs based on counts provided by IQVIA, the sample list provider.

Publications included in the survey (based on the latest period) were: BMA News, BMJ, GP magazine, Prescriber, British Journal of General Practice, GM, Guidelines in Practice, Pulse, The Practitioner, Guidelines and MIMS. Pulse is published by Cogora Ltd.

It follows a very successful year for Pulse, which has won an array of awards, including British Society of Magazine Editors and Medical Journalists Association editor of the year and BSME Talent Team of the Year.