A Pulse exclusive on NHS England rolling out its list cleansing drive across the whole country has dominated the national headlines. The story features on the front cover of the Daily Mail and the Mirror, as well as featuring on theTelegraph front page. It also features in the Guardian, the Sun,  The Times, Press Association,  Sky News, BBC News and ITV News. Pulse has learnt that GPs will be expected to provide primary care support provider Capita with a list of suspected ’ghost patients‘ every year under the biggest ever list cleansing drive. NHS England has told Pulse it would consider changing the GP contract to ensure practices provide these lists if it became necessary, saying that list cleansing initiatives were important for maintaining the efficacy of screening programmes, performance assessment and ensuring public funds were used appropriately. But GP leaders said the scheme was 'disgraceful', and will lead to extra work for practices and an unfair reduction in funding. Read the full story here.