Pulse today launches its Covid-19 Primary Care Resources site, designed to free up GPs’ time during consultations.

Pulse toolkit

With the vast numbers of guidance and documents designed to support GPs during the pandemic, many GPs have found it difficult to keep on top of the latest advice, especially during consultations. This new site sums up all the guidance, with links to the original source, and is designed to ensure GPs can access the advice they need during the consultation itself.

The site was designed by Dr Poppy Freeman, a practising GP in Camden, London, at the start of the pandemic and she is now working with Pulse to ensure GPs get the most up-to-date advice in an easy-to-use format. It has around 150 summaries and will be updated constantly, driven by GPs, who will be able to submit requests for further information.

We also have a group of specialists on hand who will be able to answer queries submitted by GPs.