Pulse 365 has recently celebrated its first birthday and what a year it has been, filled with engaging content, lively events, and great insights into user behaviour.

Pulse 365

Pulse 365 came about due to a need to build on the success of Pulse Learning, an online learning platform for GPs, by incorporating our e-learning modules, in-house events (both face-to-face and virtual) and the on-demand content we were curating. Bringing everything we offer for GP education into one, easy to access site.

Pulse Learning was known for being a source of exceptional CPD content and Pulse 365 has maintained that, whilst offering more to our GP audience. We provide an improved experience for users and give them a greater offering when it comes to learning styles and amount of content. We have seen a positive response to the changes made in engagement statistics which have increased since we relaunched as Pulse 365.

Celebrating a Milestone

Thousands of GPs log into Pulse 365 every month to keep on top of their CPD learning. In the past year, over 8,000 e-learning modules have been completed on the platform. Over 3,000 on-demand webinars have been watched, which equates to over 140 days of total video view time. Over 3,000 people have used the platform to register for our face-to-face events and 7 virtual events have been hosted on the platform, attracting over 7,500 attendees. As a result, across all streams Pulse 365 has helped GPs accumulate over 30,000 CPD points.

Users Give the Thumbs Up

We have received fantastic feedback from users over the past year. One GP told us: “I have found being a premium subscriber very useful for my CPD, so I’m grateful to the Pulse 365 team”. After completing one of our free CPD modules, a user commented “This is something we all face in consultation – and I was intrigued by [the authors] approach – so it was really useful”. After completing one of our premium modules, a user sent us praise that the modules were “Interesting, thorough and practice changing”, another noted that they “Learned a lot about a topic [they] previously knew little about” and a third commented that the “Modules are very detailed and informative. Very well set out and easy to understand”. As well as interactive e-learning modules, we also have a wide range of on-demand webinars on the platform.

One user was pleasantly surprised, letting us know that they are “not normally keen on video modules but this was excellent”. Another user complimented us on the quality of our virtual events, saying “the 3 day virtual event was very useful, thank you.” Therefore, it is evident that users seem to be enjoying the new platform, the quality of the content and the variety of ways to gain CPD points.

A Useful Tool for Clients

As well as being a success from a user perspective, Pulse 365 has proved to be a useful tool for clients too, giving pharmaceutical companies a unique way to target a large, engaged UK GP audience. As Pulse 365 encompasses written content, video content and events, it gives clients a multitude of ways to showcase their products and services to their target audience.

In terms of using our events as a marketing tool, clients can sponsor a session at our virtual and face-to-face events and clients can have their own stand in the exhibition hall and can include their marketing materials in the event bags that get given to every attendee at our face-to-face events. Clients also have the option of commissioning or sponsoring CPD content on the platform, such as learning modules or on-demand webinars.

In return, sponsors will get access to detailed insights about the users who viewed their content, attended their session or visited their stand, which they can then use to market to these people further. On average, 800 unique GPs attend our virtual events, with an average dwell time of 40 minutes per session. Our face-to-face events usually attract over 300 attendees and we guarantee at least 400 module completions when sponsored by a client for 12 months.

Plans for the Future

We have achieved a lot with Pulse 365 over the past twelve months to bring our vision to life, by achieving a seamless CPD and events platform that is user friendly, engaging and a useful tool for GPs. As a result, Pulse 365 has been shortlisted for the Subscriptions Initiative of the Year award at the 2023 PPA Awards. However, we aren’t ones to be complacent and are constantly looking for ways to improve the platform further. That’s why we have some exciting developments to make to the platform over the next year, as well as lots of great CPD content and events in the pipeline.

If you are interested in advertising on the platform, then get in touch with us to find out more about the available packages.