Cogora’s targeting capabilities now extend into using the NHS England Prescription data, to allow campaigns to be targeted based on prescription trends.

NHS England Prescriptions

Cogora online or email campaigns can now be targeted based on prescription trends. For example, bespoke emails can be sent to practices who have prescribed your drug in the past year, as well as to those where you would be looking to increase market share – perhaps to those who prescribe a competitor product. Same can be done for online ads.

Different copy can also be used to target each cohort.

We recently carried out a highly targeted email campaign via Pulse and The Pharmacist in Practice. Different copy to each cohort was used, with some emails being sent to an audience as small as 50-100 people. Results were fantastic, well above benchmark.

The emails sent via Pulse generated a 25% uplift in the open rate, compared to the benchmark, and 4.1% for the click through rate. Those sent via The Pharmacist in Practice then generated a 27.7% open rate increase, and 25.8% for the click through rate.

Cogora’s Audience Platform provides an effective way of targeting healthcare professionals, providing efficiencies in budget, delivery, and insight, to empower all activity to the highest level of success.

Other targeting options across online and email campaigns include by job titles, geography, clinical interests, clinical content, workplace, programmatic, sequential and A/B testing.