In this issue of Hospital Pharmacy Europe, an international team of researchers from UAE, Northern Ireland and Spain outlines how non-linear time-series analyses can provide a valuable tool to inform hospital antibiotic policies through identifying quantitative targets for optimising antibiotic use and controlling resistance.

Syed Naqvi and Marios Adamou provide a useful summary of the updated NICE guideline on ADHD. The guideline emphasises the importance of considering the preferences of patients, families and carers, encourages healthcare professionals to take a more holistic approach in managing people with ADHD, and makes recommendations for development of services that can support people across the lifespan.

A team from Madrid share the results of their recent research into medicines disposal and storage practices for a series of outpatients attending their hospital pharmacy. Factors such as higher education status and the presence of children in the home were identified as risk factors for incorrect disposal practices and the article shows that there is much room for improvement regarding information and awareness around these issues.