Hospital Healthcare Europe has undergone a refresh with a brand new website, helping our readers keep more easily up to date with the latest clinical news, research and expert views from across Europe.

The new-look website includes a news section which is easier to navigate and is updated daily as well as 12 clinical zones that brings all the latest clinical research, new guidelines and expert views into one accessible section.

The digital journal, endorsed and supported by HOPE, also has its own brand new section where you can see a breakdown of all the therapeutic sections, sponsored content and educational handbooks.

The journal, which continues to be an indispensable resource for best practice information, pan-European guidelines and clinician-authored case studies, includes a new section for 2019 for respiratory disorders and treatments, including endoscopic lung reduction in COPD, targeted nerve denervation in severe asthma and the long-term use of macrolides in respiratory care.