Identifying and treating eczema in the community was a main topic of discussion at the Nursing in Practice Cardiff event that took place on 26 November 2015.

Emma Williams, an eczema specialist nurse in South Wales, took delegates through atopic eczema in pediatrics explaining that “the psychological effects [of eczema] can be massive” for a patient. Additionally, she pleaded to nurses to not dismiss eczema and showed images of different forms of the condition while explaining how each could be treated.

Another popular session of the day was Natalie Lee’s, clinical advisor for Haddenham Healthcare, talk on the Who, when, why and what of lymphoedema. She began by explaining that “anyone and everyone can get lymphedema” and continued by discussing how lymphoedema occurs in the human body. Lee also discussed the different forms of treatment for lymphoedema by taking the audience through wound care dressing/wrapping techniques. Throughout her session she pressed the importance for patient-centred and individualised care for lymphoedema patients.

Other popular talks included principal lecturer Dr Karianne Backx’s discussion on the important of physical activity in patients with chronic diseases, Dr Keir Lewis’ explanation of assessing and managing chronic obstructive pulmonary diseasepatients, Nerys Thomas’ sessionfocusing on overcoming the challenges of chronic kidney disease in primary care and diabetes nurse specialist Gwen Hall’s talk on treatment outcomes in type 2 diabetes, in particular Metformin.

The day completed with a talk from independent specialist nurse Helen Lewis on revalidation. With the process being anticipated to start April 2016 for nurses, Lewis took the nursing audience through revalidation giving insight into what they should expect and gave delegates helpful tips to prepare and undergo the process.

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