On 13th September, we welcomed hundreds of Practice Managers and administrative staff to the 2016 Management in Practice Birmingham conference, which took place at the National Conference Centre at the Motorcycle Museum.
A must-attend event for all those involved in General Practice business, the conference is a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to step back and reflect on the way their practice currently performs and how they can make improvements for the future. As mentioned in the foreword of this year’s event guide, The General Practice Forward View stresses the importance of managers and administrators in the efficiency and success of primary care,  and so we aim to provide an environment where best practice can be shared, lessons learned, and practical insights provided. Highlights from the event included:
  • An opening keynote address on what the Five Year and General Practice Forward View mean to practices, led by Dr Robert Varnam, Head of General Practice Development, NHS England
  • A motivational talk on overcoming challenges presented by John Bell, human behaviour consultant and professional motivational speaker.
  • Sessions that covered managing an increased workload, creating sustainable practices, and finding out what is really important to patients.
This year we are celebrating ten years of Management in Practice events. We know what is important to Practice Managers and how to successfully deliver conference programmes that cover the most important topics of the day. Our many years of experience and knowledge enable us to recruit expert speakers and create an environment where attendees can truly benefit from the time taken away from practice. Our final event of 2016 is taking place in London on 16th November. More information can be found here.  Have a look at what our delegates had to say: “It was my first time at the conference and I found it very motivational and took away some great ideas.” – Mandy Barford, Practice Secretary “Relevant, interesting, informative!!!! Really enjoyed the day!” - Madhu Mohan, Practice Manager “Practice management can sometimes be quite a lonely profession, and it was great to find such support and meet others with shared experience.”  – Nicola Hewitson, Practice Manager “An excellent conference again this year. Some really enlightening and thought provoking speakers.”  – Corinne Wood, Practice Manager Management in Practice events are also conscious of bringing together the healthcare community with other key stakeholders from the industry, with the event also offering an exhibition alongside the conference. Leading pharmaceutical companies, charitable organisations and innovative providers were able to discuss the latest cutting-edge medications and showcase their products to the attendees.