The March issue is a very special one for Pulse, as it marks our 60th birthday – which is a theme throughout the issue. For our cover and cover feature, we looked through the Pulse archives and analysed the state of general practice today, asking: ‘Is general practice really at its lowest point?’

We look into the weird and the wonderful of Pulse past, from our motoring section to our wine club to our series on the great spas towns (yes, really). We look at iconic front covers, great Pulse exclusives, our reaction to the 2004 contract and the Harold Shipman case.

In a nod to our first ever issue, we look at the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and the more modern treatments than the DMARDs discussed in issue number 1. The first issue splashed on the news that suits were tax deductible, so we offer tips on what expenses can help you reduce your tax bill.

Numerous health secretaries sent their birthday messages to us, as well as RCGP and BMA chairs of the present and the past. And, finally, we have the return of a very special guest – the much-admired former columnist Peverley.