The IOTOD Winter webinar (Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence) will be taking place 7th February 2024.

IOTOD Winter webinar 2024

The 60-minute webinar, titled ‘Integrative treatment for comorbid conditions: the importance of treating mental ill health when managing opioid dependence’, will be led by Professor Maurice Dematteis, Head of the Department of Addictions, University Hospital of Grenoble, France, and Mr Duncan Hill, specialist Pharmacist in Substance Misuse, NHS Lanarkshire (NHSL) Glasgow, Scotland.

The webinar, developed by our CME division, PCM Scientific, will explore the overlap between patients with mental health conditions and opioid dependence (OD), and how failure to treat either aspect often results in suboptimal patient outcomes and exacerbation of both conditions. Understanding the role of mental ill health in OD and how factors such as trauma, pain and poor sleep hygiene can influence both comorbid conditions.

The discussion will highlight the importance of working within a collaborative care model to improve outcomes for patients.

The IOTOD Winter webinar is being promoted to our community of primary and secondary care healthcare professionals via our media brands, as well as the well-established IOTOD community. Attendees included addiction specialists, GPs, primary care nurses, community pharmacists, psychiatrists, as well as other healthcare professionals interested in the management of opioid use disorder across the UK and Europe.  

The level of interest in this webinar is evident, with registrations already surpassing expectations, totalling over 350 registrants.

This webinar follows on from the success of our IOTOD Summer webinar in September 2023, now available on-demand on the IOTOD website.

The educational programme is run at arm’s length from the financial supporters and all content is created by the faculty. No funder has had input into the content of the materials or presentations used in the educational programme. PCM Scientific is the medical education company acting as scientific secretariat and webinar organiser.