We are pleased to announce the upcoming IOTOD (Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence) Spring/Summer webinar ‘An individualised approach to treatment: comparing opioid dependence therapies’ will take place on Wednesday 29th May.  

IOTOD Spring/Summer webinar 2024

The 60-minute IOTOD Spring/Summer webinar will be led by industry experts Professor Catriona Matheson, Professor in Substance Use, Stirling University, UK and Dr Lorenzo Somaini, Director at the Addiction Treatment Center in Biella, Italy.  

This expert webinar, developed by our CME division, PCM Scientific, will explore the basics of commonly used opioid dependence treatments (ODTs), while outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each.   

The faculty’s evaluation of ODTs will help to build a profile of the ideal patient for each therapy. 

Our panel of experts will also discuss less commonly utilised therapies for opioid addiction and the importance of psychosocial support for patients with opioid dependence. The session will conclude with a live Q&A session. 

This expert webinar is suitable for both primary and secondary care clinicians looking to improve their care and management of patients with opioid dependency. 

The IOTOD Spring/Summer webinar is currently being promoted via Cogora's media brands, to our community of primary and secondary care HCPs across the UK and Europe, including addiction specialists, pain specialists, GPs, primary care nurses, psychiatrists, and community pharmacists.  

Marketing tactics include targeted email campaigns, online ads, faculty material, and social media assets, developed by our in-house studio team to specifically engage with the audience.  

Early registration numbers indicate a high level of interest, with over 320 HCPs already signed up, reflecting the growing demand for expert-led education in opioid dependence treatment. 

This follows the success of our IOTOD winter webinar in February 2024, now available to watch on-demand on the IOTOD website.  

The IOTOD webinar ‘An individualised approach to treatment: comparing opioid dependence therapies’ is supported by grant funding from Camurus. The educational programme is run at arm’s length from the financial supporters and all content is created by the faculty. No funder has had input into the content of the materials or presentations used in the educational programme. PCM Scientific is the medical education company acting as scientific secretariat and webinar organiser.