Benefit from unmissable advertising with our new, high impact ad option, Interactive InRead, available across all our media brands.

Our Interactive InRead is an attention-guaranteed ad placement, helping to put your brand and product front of mind amongst your target audience and to drive active engagement.

Avaialble across all our media brands, Pulse, Pulse PCN, Nursing in Practice, The Pharmacist, Management in Practice, Healthcare Leader, Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe, the placement can either be used as a traffic driver, or to help gather insight as a snapshot poll.

Placed within the middle of an article, this ad placement includes an image, a statement/question, and up to six ‘responses’ for users to choose between, to then drive traffic to a website / resource of your choice.

Option to also use this format as a snapshot poll, asking our audience of healthcare professionals a question with then up to six ‘responses’ to choose from. The user will then be directed to a ‘Thank you for your feedback’ page. This option provides valuable insight and feedback from your target audience.

Invest in your ad creative and optimise your campaigns. Capture your audiences’ attention, present the key message within 2 seconds, and motivate the user to engage and click.

Interactive InReads can be targeted to users via our relevant media brand, as well as by geography (country, city or postcode). Cogora’s Audience Platform provides an effective way of targeting healthcare professionals, providing efficiencies in budget, delivery, and insight, to empower all activity to the highest level of success.

Please contact us today to hear more about our available packages.