Pulse examines how the Government’s focus on prevention, an increase in the use of scans and efforts to capture cancer earlier might have a problematic side effect: an increase in incidentalomas.

Pulse analyses how, in many cases, patients are being left anxious and undergoing unnecessary procedures after problems were picked up by scans.

Alongside this, we have the first in our new ‘Incidentaloma clinic’ series, which this month focuses on what to do with incidental ovarian cysts. Also in the clinical section, experts answer key questions on prostate cancer.

Elsewhere, we ask whether the Government’s changes to pensions will stop GPs from retiring early and cutting down hours, and we look at all the major changes to the GP contract announced by NHS England.

We offer a guide on improving the reputation of your practice, and ahead of the launch of our new Pulse Intelligence service later this summer, we explain the ins and outs of the state indemnity scheme.