Hospital Pharmacy Europe (under the Hospital Pharmacy International brand) is delighted to release its latest educational handbook. Human albumin: Focus on liver disease (Chinese language version).

Human albumin: Focus on liver disease

Cogora through Hospital Pharmacy Europe has been supporting CSL Behring since 2013 to address the important unmet educational needs of clinicians worldwide around human albumin in fluid resuscitation.

Albumin is the most abundant protein in the plasma, and is responsible for a number of physiological functions, mainly around maintaining oncotic pressure. Its use is indicated in a number of clinical scenarios, such as in sepsis and cardiac surgery, but particularly in liver disease (alcoholic and non-alcohol related, cirrhosis, ascites etc). The medical education activities undertaken have centred around the development of regional specific handbooks and digital resources, authored by key opinion leaders for each country, and translated into the local language of each target country. To date medical educational resources designed specifically for Europe, China, and the US have been developed and disseminated, with a further project addressing human albumin and the liver in India, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Philippines, authored by KOLs in those countries, currently being prepared.

Sponsored by CSL Behring and focusing on the use of human albumin in liver diseases, the handbook is presented in Chinese and written by key opinion leaders across China and Vietnam. The handbook, Human albumin: Focus on liver disease, is complementary to an English language version and is intended for a wide distribution across China and other Asian markets. 

For the rest of 2021 and early 2022 we have more exciting projects around the brand. We’ll be working with a new client on a concurrent series of handbooks on biosimilars in COVID, oncology and diabetes by EU, Asian and US KOLs.