Hospital Healthcare Europe is an indispensable resource for best practice information, pan-European guidelines and case studies from centres of excellence in clinical care and specialist services across Europe and the UK.

Hospital Healthcare Europe is the most powerful information source for public hospitals within the EU. Each issue looks at important issues relevant to hospital chief executives and clinical personnel.

The 2017 journal covers a range of topics in dedicated therapeutic sections. This year content includes:

  • The updated AAGBI standards in patient monitoring
  • Haemodilution and avoidable blood transfusions
  • Clinical management of hyperkalaemia
  • Vessel preparation for drug-coated balloons with atherectomy
  • Radiological treatment of uterine fibroids
  • Targeted therapies in CD30+ malignancies
  • Treating paediatric ITP
  • Screening for severe sepsis in the emergency department
  • Appropriate staffing and optimising performance in emergency medicine
  • Plus, opinion-leading editorial comments, reviews of new resources and details of international courses and events.