The Pulse May issue asks whether GPs feel safe. Pulse conducted a major survey that found the vast majority are worried for their health and lives, while more than half had felt unsafe due to a lack of PPE. And a shocking one in four had seen Covid-positive patients without PPE. As part of the cover feature, we also pay tribute to the GPs who have died with Covid-19.

We look at the fiasco around shielded patients, looking into the problems around identifying the most vulnerable patients.

In the clinical section, we offer advice on managing the most seriously ill patients in the community, and we launch our ‘Clinical Crises’ series, which offers guidance on treating conditions that GPs would normally refer to secondary care, such as DVT, temporal arteritis and diabetic foot.

We provide information on how to source PPE – including a list of suppliers and a guide to 3D printing your own – and updates to the death certification process.

And, at a time when everyone is struggling, we include a positive page, highlighting how communities are coming together to help general practice.