General practice is in a bad state, but for the August issue Pulse has deliberately keep the news ‘half full’
The Good News Issue has a surprising investigation into how CCGs – despite immense funding pressures - are finally beginning to prioritise primary care in England. Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show a 75% boost in the value of local contracts with GP practices. This issue also looks at new figures on the GP workforce that show a modest increase in GP trainees and that the GP retirement timebomb has yet to go off. The shortage of GPs in the UK is far from over, but these figures reveal a glimmer of hope. Pulse also lists the ten clinical advances that GPs can take credit for and reveals the one area in the whole of the UK where GPs say they can cope with their workload. The August issue also sees the return of much-loved columnist Dr Phil Peverley, who updates on how his recovery from general practice is going. Copperfield and Nabi have also been bitten by a slightly more optimistic bug – musing on how general practice is not so bad after all. The issue has 2.5 CPD hours, with educational articles on constipation and boosting flu vaccinations. Finally, we Dr Dom Patterson writes on how general practice is still the best job in the world. You have to admire his optimism. Read the full issue on iPad and Android here. 

Pulse's The Good News Issue cover illustration