In this issue of Hospital Pharmacy Europe, guest editorial Dr Tiene Bauters discusses how the pandemic has resulted in major changes in the delivery of scientific meetings and congresses, and how she envisages that a ‘hybrid approach’ enabling both virtual and physical attendance will best fulfil the intellectual and social needs of congress attendees in future. 

Hospital Pharmacy Europe 98

Stomas are not commonly understood by all healthcare professionals and can be mismanaged. In a gastroenterology focus, a team from St Mark’s Hospital, UK, discusses what stomas are, the different types, the consequences of living with a high output stoma and the pharmacological and dietary management of this condition.  

Emerging evidence suggests that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as fluvoxamine are effective in the treatment and prevention of acute and long COVID. An opinion piece in this issue discusses the real-world evidence and ongoing clinical trial programmes and argues that there is a need to evaluate available evidence for promising interventions and to adopt a rational, ethical approach to reducing deaths and the need for hospitalisations.