The pros and cons of implementing an electronic prescribing and medicines administration system into acute NHS Trusts has long been debated, and tips have been shared on successful deployments. In this issue of Hospital Pharmacy Europe, Tom Skelland and Hannah Heales outline some of the considerations of ‘Big Bang’ versus ‘Phased’ rollout procedures.

Despite the method of rollout chosen, the use of strong, local champion super users, senior management oversight of a well communicated cutover plan, and a robust training strategy are essential.

The introduction of biosimilar insulins has provided opportunities for health economies to make cost savings without compromising on safety, efficacy and quality. Emma Pearson and Hannah Beba discuss how, due to the high-risk nature of insulin, any switch needs to be done in a cautious and facilitated manner, and pharmacists should be empowered to support this within their level of competence. 

Timely administration of medicines is essential to the care of patients with Parkinson’s. Where a patient’s individual treatment regimen is disrupted, motor function becomes compromised which, in turn, can lead to serious complications. Richard Cottrell and Nicholas Bryden discuss how the presence of hospital ePrescribing within NHS Ayrshire & Arran, and the data that this made available, has provided a level of insight into the inpatient administration of medicines for these patients that was previously impossible with paper records.

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