We are pleased to announce that the PCM Scientific programme ‘CORE: hand-in-hand in heart failure’ has been shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Excellence in education award’ at the Australian 2017 PRIME awards.

The PRIME awards recognise and reward true excellence within the human health industry in Australia and celebrate the contributions of companies that improve Australian healthcare. Founded in 2010, they are designed to provide a platform to highlight the use of best practices and innovation in the industry.

CORE: hand-in-hand in heart failure

The CORE programme encourages best practice and collaboration amongst members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) involved in the treatment of heart failure (HF). Designed in collaboration with internationally recognised leading experts in the field, the novel education programme addresses needs assessment-identified educational and practice gaps that lead to sub-optimal patient care. By targeting these gaps, through novel, tailored education, the CORE programme has been able to drive clinical change and improvement in patient care worldwide.

PCM Scientific is a provider of CME programmes that not only reach broad, global audiences but deliver meaningful, measurable and sustainable impact on professional behaviours and patient care.

By creating CORE, PCM Scientific successfully brought together up to 15 specialities across the HF MDT to enhance and foster key relationships to allow for the sharing of expertise and the continuation of education. A Steering Committee of 9 international HF experts, 24 National Faculty members and 108 Country Facilitators identified local clinical care gaps and educational needs. This insight was then used to design and implement a cascading educational approach with tailored, flexible content across Austria, Australia, Canada, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

A total 44 meetings have taken place in Australia with participation from 257 leaners. From the outstanding feedback received, it is clear that CORE has had a lasting impact on clinical practice, with 74% of global learners already committing to change their practice and 83% stating that CORE will improve patient outcomes.

CORE is supported by funding from Novartis Pharma AG. All educational content and materials are created by the CORE Steering Committee in collaboration with PCM Scientific, the medical education company acting as secretariat. The financial supporter has had no involvement in the creation or development of the educational content.