CORE - Hand in Hand in Heart Failure,  a global free CME accredited educational programme, kicked off in Canada on the weekend of May 15th, 2016 with a training meeting for the Canadian Country Facilitators. CORE brings a unique style of learning to the multi-disciplinary team via small group, interactive round table meetings.  The CORE content has been developed by a team of internationally renowned heart failure experts which is then localised to each CORE country and tailored to the individual learning needs of each small group via a pre-meeting assessment.  Each meeting will be conducted by a national or regional expert in heart failure. Canada is the first of 6 countries who will be rolling out the CORE programme over the next 4 months.  The remaining countries are: Australia, Austria, Spain, Sweden and the UK.  It is anticipated that over 1, 800 health care professionals will be educated at 300+ meetings over the next 9 months. CORE is supported by funding from Novartis Pharma AG. All educational content and materials are created by the CORE Steering Committee in collaboration with PCM Scientific, the medical education company acting as secretariat. The financial supporter has had no involvement in the creation or development of the educational content. For more information about CORE, click here.