It may be summer in Europe and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere but it’s winter in Australia which means it’s the perfect time to roll out the CORE programme.  CORE – Hand in Hand in Heart Failure is a global free CME accredited educational programme which brings members of the multidisciplinary team together to learn in small groups about best practices in the diagnosis, treatment and management of heart failure. Heart failure has a high incidence in both developed and developing companies and thus has an impact on both society and patients.  CORE aims to educated health care professionals in hopes of improving patient care. Over 20 nationally renowned health care professionals, including cardiologists, general practitioners and specialist nurses from all over Australia came together to learn about the unique CORE programme with its tailored, small group education programme.  They will in turn conduct CORE education meetings throughout Australia over the next six months.  CORE will provide category 2 CPD points for general practitioners and CME credits for nurses (cardiologists are charged with self-reporting of credits in Australia). It’s estimated that 60+ CORE meetings will be held in Australia before the end of the year, providing the opportunity for many members of the multidisciplinary team to learn together. CORE is supported by funding from Novartis Pharma AG. All educational content and materials are created by the CORE Steering Committee in collaboration with PCM Scientific, the medical education company acting as secretariat. The financial supporter has had no involvement in the creation or development of the educational content. For more information about CORE, click here.

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