Collective working for resilience

Press Release

The March issue of Pulse is dominated by the new contract in England. Our cover takes inspiration from Soviet style posters to declare whether the move to collective working – in the shape of practices having to join networks covering 30,000-50,000 patients – will provide the resilience needed.

There is a full easy-to-understand guide to the new guide, and an interview with Dr Nikita Kanani, acting director for primary care at NHS England – her first one-on-one interview since taking the role – on how she sees general practice in the near future.

We have also an in-depth analysis of how the Government is promoting overdiagnosis through unofficial screening programmes. This has already had a huge response from readers online and on social media.

Elsewhere, we answer key questions on diabetes, we look at challenges in orthopaedics and speak with a GP who volunteers on the slopes supporting fallen skiers.