I spent an interesting – and somewhat frustrating - morning sparring with the chief executive of the NHS last week. I was invited in for an interview with Simon Stevens to speak about his GP Forward View and I questioned him closely about what the whole package meant for your average GP. You can read the full interview here. He made all the right noises – saying that all practices would benefit, regardless of contractual status or size, and he addressed GPC concerns over the immediacy of the investment. He also clarified his position on crown indemnity. But when it came to how much of the £2.4bn additional investment GPs would actually see in their pay packets by 2020, Mr Stevens dodged the question. Three times. And that is the crucial point about all this. GPs need to see the difference on the ground and in their meetings with their accountants at the end of the financial year if it is going to make an impact. Neatly salami-slicing the whole thing into individual pots with paper trails and tied up with multiple application criteria will do little to alleviate the pressures practices are experiencing. As one GP said to me on Twitter: ‘This could be bad, very bad ... or good. Vague as always.’ Watch part of our exclusive interview here. Here are this weeks five must-read Pulse Today articles: GPs still in favour of mass resignation despite support package 'This will turn general practice around’ Obscure diagnosis - orthostatic tremor We haven't fully considered the dangers of online access No rest for the wicked GP