The webinar sought to inform healthcare professionals on best practice in the management of patients with uterine fibroids whilst highlighting the products scientific/trials data and customer insights.

Our approach

The team facilitated a live online webinar with one recorded KOL session, two live KOL sessions and a final Q&A session with all three KOLs.

The content was then hosted on-demand in a bespoke sponsored information page on Hospital Healthcare Europe, allowing our community to access the content at their convenience. The page was designed and built-in house and hosted for 12 months.

The live webinar and on-demand content was promoted to our audience of UK obstetricians and gynaecologists via Hospital Healthcare Europe through a series of targeted emails and website features.


  • 155+ webinar attendees
  • 300+ on demand views

The live webinar had over 155 attendees and generated fantastic audience engagement with over 60 questions submitted to our expert faculty. 71% of webinar attendees were gynaecologists, the target market for this webinar, with other job titles including specialty doctors, GPs, obstetricians, secondary care nurses and surgeons.

In six months, the on-demand content on Hospital Healthcare Europe has generated over 300 page views, with this set to increase over the 12-month hosting period.

The post-webinar survey showed that the speakers were highly rated by attendees, receiving 4.3 – 4.5 stars out of 5.