A Pulse Twitter campaign was developed to drive traffic to a Redmoor Health one page article on their Primary Care Network (PCN) hub programme, hosted on the Pulse website. Redmoor supports lots of new digital transformation and communications initiatives within the NHS and social care sector. The challenge is getting this content to a wider group of people who stand to benefit from these solutions. Figuring out what to say is crucial and so is finding ways to reach the right people.

Our approach

To reach Redmoor’s target audience of PCN clinical directors and GP partners, we developed and facilitated a two-month bespoke social media campaign for Redmoor via Pulse Twitter.

Five tweets were first written by Cogora, each with a selected image, to drive traffic to a Redmoor Health one page article on PCN hubs, hosted on the Pulse website. We then built a wider target audience for the campaign to ensure the posts were getting to the right people, before activating the campaign.

Each campaign is built bespoke to your requirements and target audience. Social media campaigns are an effective way of targeting your audience, whether by job title, geography, interests, or lookalike audiences. This level of detail provides efficiencies in budget, delivery and insight, to empower all activity to the highest level of success.

Redmoor Marketing Manager explains how ‘Pulse’s brand and readership connected us with key PCN leaders, like clinical directors and PCN managers so we could begin to raise awareness of solutions for developing their Primary Care Networks. Pulse strategically placed a thought piece article from one of our directors, a former primary care leader, Helen Holmes-Fogg, in front of this target audience. They also worked with us to streamline communications to ensure we would have healthy readership numbers’.


  • 142,300 impressions
  • 25,100 clicks to the Redmoor Health hosted article
  • 17.6% click through rate

The campaign was a great success. The tweets generated over 142,300 impressions and 25,100 clicks through to the Redmoor Health hosted article – an impressive 17.6% click through rate.

The Redmoor team have been ‘extremely happy with the reach and reception’ of their article with Pulse, and ‘hope that any PCN leaders who read this piece have been provided with a supportive perspective in moving their PCN forward via a hub model’.