Build brand awareness of an oral typhoid vaccine, Vivotif, from PaxVax in the UK, a new commercial organisation offering vaccines against a number of communicable diseases. Vivotif is the only oral typhoid vaccine available on the market.

Our approach

Cogora: The Agency put together a series of CPD-accredited roadshows for UK practice nurses, who are frequently the clinical staff responsible for administering travel vaccines such as typhoid. We conducted a targeted marketing campaign, using our extensive in-house database of nurse contacts to drive recruitment for the roadshows. Materials used to raise awareness and encourage attendance at the roadshows included:

  • Recruitment website
  • Web banners on relevant industry websites
  • Press adverts in industry publications
  • Postal leave-pieces
  • Invitation emails
  • Marketing phone calls
  • Retention emails and phone calls, aimed at encouraging nurses who had registered their interest to actually attend the event


  • 652 attendees at 10 roadshows
  • 98% of attendees said they would return next year to learn more
  • 70% would be happy to receive future product information from PaxVax
  • 63% of nurses who registered their interest attended the event

The result was 10 face-to-face training events held in 7 cities, reaching over 650 practice nurses, with some excellent feedback received from delegates. Furthermore, Cogora: The Agency was able to use the feedback and lessons learned from the roadshows to put together a tactical report, outlining possible future communication channels for Vivotif’s marketing activities and suggesting alterations to messaging and focus that will inform PaxVax’s future strategic decisions.