To provide busy cardiologists, haematologists, emergency specialists and other healthcare professionals managing patients at risk of stroke with trustworthy guidance on how to translate the latest published clinical trials data into their everyday practice – to ensure that the right patients, receive the right treatments, at the right time.

Our approach

Development of an online Journal Club platform through NOAC Education, where world-leading experts discuss new data in a succinct, live, and interactive format creating highly engaging education. The community are able to interact with each other and the expert faculty throughout the live session, by posing questions and answering polls.

The filmed footage of the live session is edited and hosted on the website as archive footage, for those unable to attend the webinar, to complete as a webinar learning module. All participants are eligible to claim CPD for the learning once assessment questions are complete.


  • 56,000 unique users

Through an extensive and targeted access campaign, we achieved very high levels of engagement, with a global MDT community producing strong change behaviour metrics.

Over 56,000 unique users have engaged with NOAC Education since 2018, with a current average of 600 new visitors a month. With high percentage of knowledge gain and behaviour change outcomes, NOAC Education has been a success in impacting healthcare professionals daily practice in aim to improve patient outcomes.