Cogora was approached by a pharmaceutical company that needed regional and local prescribing data to identify target CCGs and underpin pitches to these CCGs’ medicine optimisation teams.

Our approach

Using our proprietary software, Cogora extracted relevant prescribing data at a national, CCG and general practice level. We combined prescribing and population data to produce estimates of the cost savings that could be achieved in individual CCGs and general practices if they reduced prescribing of competitors’ products.

The data analyses were presented in an interactive data tool that allowed the user to choose a CCG of particular interest using drop-down menus and include or exclude specific competitor products from the analysis.

Following these specifications by the user, relevant prescribing and cost-saving data were then displayed in easy-to-read charts and data tables that could be copied and pasted into reports and presentations.


Our client distributed the data tool to their regional sales representatives who, during follow-up discussions, described how they had used the tool both to generate customised door-opener emails to relevant CCGs and in subsequent presentations to medicine optimisation teams.

Being able to quickly access prescribing and cost-savings charts customised to individual CCGs increased the speed and success rate with which regional sales representatives were able to arrange meetings with medicine optimisation teams, as well as reducing the time needed for them to prepare customised presentations during face-to-face presentations.