The programme was created to promote best-practice MSK diagnosis and management skills amongst the UK’s GPs and frontline healthcare professionals.

Partnered with Pulse and accredited by the RCGP and the British Society for Rheumatology, the events have been taking place in a range of locations around the UK.

Our approach

In order to facilitate practical learning, the workshops were designed to be intimate and hands-on. They aimed to help delegates ‘get the basics right’ and ensure they were confident about diagnosing and managing their patients with MSK conditions. Participants learnt about useful hints and tips, observation and practice examination skills (receiving feedback along the way). Delegates also had the opportunity to discuss treatment and management plans and share experiences with their peers. This was all supplemented by additional educational resources.


The series has proven to be very successful, with all aspects of the workshops scoring highly in post-event evaluations. Relevance to clinical practice, hands-on learning, examination and small group teaching have been identified by delegates as particular highlights, with delegates appreciating the way that they can truly practice their learning and gain instant personal feedback.

“’This was the best training I have ever been on… It was fantastic to have GPs teach us as they really get the context in which we work and our needs. I feel empowered, upskilled and enabled. Thank you so much!” – Dr Jenny Napier, GP, London workshop delegate (24th May 2018)