Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is the world’s largest independent research charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Their scientists, doctors and nurses work together every day to help prevent cancer, diagnose it earlier and develop new treatments. And from influencing public policy to providing cancer information, promoting early detection of cancer is a key priority. This month CRUK teamed up with Cogora: The Agency to raise awareness of the recently released National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Guidelines on the recognition and referral of suspected cancer (NG12). A roundtable discussion between health policy makers, general practitioners and oncology secondary care consultants has provided practical tips on  implementing the new guidelines, and how quickly  it might impact on cancer mortality rates. Video interviews of the delegates will be posted on Pulse and The Commissioning Review websites. Professor Willie Hamilton, Clinical Lead of the NG12 Guideline Development Group, will be providing the answers to a Key Questions Continuing Professional Development e-module to be hosted on Pulse Learning in March.