This month, Pulse investigates the high thresholds for referrals placed by child and adolescent mental health services.

Pulse reveal that a third of all mental health trusts only accept patients with ‘severe/significant’ conditions, while only one in five accept all severity of mental health conditions. GPs told Pulse that in some cases patients have to attempt suicide in order for their referral to be accepted by specialist CAMHS.

Another investigation this month, in conjunction with Pulse Intelligence, focuses on the varying values of local enhanced services across England.

We also look at the biggest issues facing the new Government, including its pledge to increase the GP workforce by 6,000 and its commitment to sort out the pensions issue.

Our clinical key questions provides answers on breast and ovarian cancer genetics, while we summarise NICE guidelines on primary prevention for cardiovascular disease.

And finally, our bloggers give their tongue-in-cheek predictions for 2020 – many of which revolve around potential new Matt Hancock apps…