The latest issue of The Pharmacist takes a closer look at the devastating effects of medicines shortages.

While patients are the most obviously affected by supply chain issues, community pharmacists have also taken a significant blow since last year, during parts of which almost one in 10 items dispensed were affected by shortages, according to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee.

But one year on, and, according to new figures unearthed by The Pharmacist, contractors are still feeling the effects. Many have lost thousands of pounds due to shortages, while it is not unusual for pharmacy teams to have to speak to five or more different wholesalers every week to fill prescriptions. The findings form part of our #WarOnShortages campaign – a mission to increase Government transparency around shortages. But as our reporter Léa Legraien found when she investigated further for this issue’s cover feature, answers have not been forthcoming.

The issue also contains a masterclass on how to set up an inhaler technique service, giving contractors all the clinical know-how and business tips they need to create a buzz around this often essential service. We also have an interview with All-Party Pharmacy Group chair and veteran Labour MP Sir Kevin Barron, who gives insight into his vision for the future of community pharmacy.